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About Emilie

Get to Know Emilie

While I was working full-time as a special education teacher, I pursued my Master’s Degree in Nutrition. From this experience, I’ve increased my soft skills. One soft skill many of my clients have complimented me is the ability to be a good listener. I cherish the ability to listen to my clients as each individual has their own story to tell. To give my clients value-added quality in reaching out to each person at their personal level of health and fitness. I want you to be comfortable speaking to me with your challenges and trusting that our sessions will be highly beneficial to you as a result of our trusting relationship.
The Power to Improve Our Health
I believe food has the power to improve our health and heal our bodies. Designing a healthy lifestyle and approach to eating and nutrition doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. My consults are entrenched in the knowledge of how to eat and create simple, healthy meals with healthy living advice that is practical and worthwhile. I love showing my patrons how to eat real, nutritious, and healthy food again.
My Specialties
Like you, I have specialty areas that I most enjoy when I’m working with clients in health coaching sessions. My specialties include children and adults with behavioral and neurological disorders, autoimmune disease, gut health, food relationship coaching, including intuitive and mindful eating. Although I can coach any adult or child, these aspects are especially close to my heart.
Hands On Approach
Clients enjoy my one-to-one time and attention, addressing their specific client needs and questions. My hands-on approach to coaching gives patrons practical ideas of how they can include healthy foods into their everyday life. Many of my clients are surprised to see how eating well is much easier than they think!
Its All In the Details
I keep detailed records of my patrons and leave no stone unturned in their interview. This individualization and personalization for my clients give every person the feeling they are my only client!
My Credentials
My credentials include a Master of Science in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon Masters of Nutrition, MScN. To better serve my clients, I’ve extended my knowledge base and credentials to include a certificate as an Autoimmune Paleo Protocol (AIP) Certified Coach. Additionally, I added Motivational Interviewing Beginner and Intermediate Certificate for more detailed client intake information. I keep up with the most updated health and wellness information by attending regional conferences such as the American College of Nutrition Conference, The Natural Supplements Conference, and the Gut-Brain Axis Conference
More About Me
When I’m not educating myself or my clients about holistic wellness, nutrition, and well-being, I love to hike and run with my Goldendoodle Gatsby. I also enjoy cooking, reading, and planning for my future garden

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