Meal Planning for Better Gut Health

Sep 06, 2022
meal planning

What’s for dinner? We hear this so often at home, with our family, and trying to make a dish that is healthy and which everyone likes can be challenging to say the least! However, there is a simple and more efficient way to create delicious, simple, and healthy meals for your entire family without stressing over what’s for dinner tonight!

What is Meal Planning?

Meal planning is taking about an hour a week to review recipes you and your family would like, bookmarking them or writing them on a list, and then adding the ingredients you’ll need to make those meals to your shopping list. You can meal plan for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Plan for all three meals or start off planning one meal for the week. 

How to Meal Plan with a Family

The easiest way to meal plan with a family is to choose four or five recipes you think everyone would like. Then, have one person choose the two or three meals you’d like to make for the week (you can double up on the amount and reheat your leftovers the next night for less work), then make up your shopping list! Having other family members choose meals gives them buy-in and makes the process easier for you.

Why Meal Plan?

First, meal planning saves time. Planning meals for the week will save you time shopping at the store and will also save you time trying to figure out what you need to eat last minute.

Secondly, meal planning gives you more control over your food portions. Meals ordered from restaurants have much larger portions than meals you cook at home. If weight loss or weight maintenance is a goal for you or any of your family members, eating at home and controlling your portions will help you obtain and retain your weight goals!

Next, meal planning reduces food waste. When you can plan the amount of food you need and buy only what you need, you’ll better get the items you need when you’ve prepared a list. You don’t buy foods that “look good,” never get used, and get thrown in the trash. 

In addition, meal planning saves you money! In today’s world of high inflation, saving money is more important than ever! Because you have less waste with meal planning, you’re saving money on food. In addition, meal planning saves money by reducing impulse buys and meals eaten out when you’re unprepared.

Did you know that meal planning also gives you more quality time together? One of the benefits of meal planning your family meals includes better academic performance, lower risk of substance abuse, lower risk of depression, lower likelihood of developing eating disorders, lower rates of obesity, and spending more time together at dinnertime - especially when you’re cooking together as a family!

Also, meal planning helps you to avoid unhealthy food choices. Being too tired from a long workday and being hungry leads to poor food choices, which usually have high calories and little or no nutritional value. Knowing you have healthy meal planning at home reduces the temptation to hit the drive-thru on your way home. 

With meal planning, you’ll also enjoy more food variety. When we’re busy at home or work, we cook the same meals repeatedly. Meal planning helps you think about a) healthier options, b) variety in the form of fruits and vegetables, and c) the nutritional balance of your meals. 

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