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Classes & Workshops

Holistic Health and Wellness Workshop

As a former educator, I enjoy teaching to a group of people eager to learn! I take continual education classes to stay on top of the latest health, wellness, and nutrition aspects of health. I relish leading health and wellness workshops and discussions, and I’m happy to share my knowledge of healthy eating, healthy living, and a healthy lifestyle. I encourage group participation and always have a health and wellness takeaway from my Salt Lake City wellness classes and wellness workshops.

  • Recipe, meal planning and health and wellness information
  • Cooking demonstrations on how to cook healthy and diet-restricted meals
  • Basic meal planning for one or for a large family
  • Simple and healthy recipes to create for those with a busy lifestyle
  • Create and cook healthy recipes right from one of my recipe eBooks!
  • Confidence in implementing health and wellness suggestions at home
  • Better understanding of which foods are the best healthy choice
  • How to correctly read a nutrition label and be a smarter shopper
  • Simple, easy meal planning and healthy meals to create at home
  • Healthy living recipes for specialized diets

Classes and Workshops

Reding Food Labels
How to Read Food Labels

Learn how to read a food label, learn about portion size and numbers of servings in each label. Find out how you can tell if a food is healthy from reading the label.

Explaining Macronutrients
Explaining Macronutrients

Find out why people have been talking about proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, the proportionate amounts which you should eat and how they work in your body.

Visualizing a Healthy Plate
Visualizing a Healthy Plate

Whether you’re not sure how to eat healthily or you’re starting on your health journey, find out what a healthy plate looks like and how to create healthy dishes for you and your family.

Strategies for Health Digestion
Healthy Digestion

Suffering from bloating and indigestion? Have you been diagnosed with a digestive disorder or illness? Get tips and advice on how to eat to improve your digestion!

Balancing Blood Sugar
Balancing Blood Sugar

You may have been recently diagnosed with diabetes or suffer from symptoms of low blood sugar and would like to change the way you feel. Find out which foods to eat and which foods to avoid when eating a low glycemic diet.

Benefits of Breakfast
Benefits of Breakfast

Learn why breakfast is an essential part of your day and how eating breakfast can maintain a healthy metabolism to keep your body lean and fit!

Undertanding Sweeteners
Exploring Sweeteners

Looking for a sweetener alternative without chemicals? Find out which sweeteners are healthy and won’t spike your blood sugar. You’ll also learn which sweeteners are not healthy to use and how to use natural and healthy alternatives to white sugar.

Healthy Lifestyle
Lifestyle Habits for Health

Getting healthy doesn’t happen overnight! Learn best practices to move forward on your health journey to find out how healthy lifestyle habits translate into feeling better and having more energy to do the things you want to do with your life!

Lunches and Snacks
Nutritious Lunches & Snacks

With our busy lifestyle, eating healthy snacks and lunch can be challenging. Learn how to choose the right snacks and lunch choices, whether from home or eating out!

Snacks on the Go
Healthy Eating On-The-Go

Our fast-paced world doesn’t offer much time to create meals daily. Find out how to eat healthy when you’re on-the-go.

Healthy Meal Planning
Healthy Meal Planning

When you want to eat healthily, but aren’t sure how to tackle planning meals, Healthy Meal Planning is the class for you! Find out how to organize, plan, and shop for your healthy meals.

Seasonal Nutrition
Seasonal Nutrition

Find out how to find in-season fruits and vegetables and why they're better for you and your family.

Eating with Dietary Restrictions
Dietary Restrictions

Being gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free isn’t easy. Learn what to look for in labels, which foods and ingredients to avoid, and how to shop with dietary restrictions

More Vegies in Your Diet
Veggies in Your Diet

Many Americans do not eat enough vegetables in their diet daily. Learn how to easily incorporate veggies into your diet during your mealtimes.

Preparing a Family Dinner
Eating Healthy With Family

Each one of us has a palette with our likes and dislikes about food. Throw in a picky eater and the level of complexity for creating a meal doubles! Learn how to feed your family with dishes they will all enjoy, even your picky eaters.

Healthy Desserts
Healthy Desserts

Discover how to make healthy desserts that are both nutritious and delicious. Learn about ingredients that satisfy your sweet tooth while providing good nutrients.

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