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Gut Health Program

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Healing Your Chronic Health Problems Starts With the Gut

Having a chronic health condition is no walk in the park. The daily discomfort you feel — painful headaches, digestive issues, skin concerns, and more — is limiting your quality of life, and you’re desperate to finally get to the root of the problem and heal your body.

It feels like you’ve tried everything:

▸ Spending thousands of dollars on natural remedies that never seem to work for you
▸ Trying limiting diets (keto, paleo, gluten-free…) that only leave you feeling unsatisfied, restricted, and overwhelmed
▸ Expensive medications that never seem to provide the relief you’re looking for

...and all it’s left you is more confused than ever on how to find relief for your symptoms!

Why Gut Health Matters

I know it feels like you’ve tried everything possible, and that there might be no hope for relief. But the truth is, many of these diets and remedies fail to consider the most important factor in healing a huge range of symptoms: healing the gut.

Did you know that the health of your gut directly impacts your overall health? Symptoms such as brain fog, mental health imbalance, and autoimmune issues can manifest from an unhealthy gut

An unhealthy gut needs a long-term resolution, not a quick-fix, take-a-pill solution. Healing your gut is key to making living with your chronic health problems feel more manageable

  • Finally, be able to eat the foods you love without worry
  • Eat out at restaurants with your friends and family without the stress of getting sick
  • Stop feeling so uncomfortable in your body
  • Clear your skin so you feel more confident
  • Live free from your chronic health issues
  • Have the energy to live the life you want

If you’re ready to discover a long-term, easy-to-manage solution to healing your gut, alleviating your chronic symptoms, and finally live a healthy vibrant life, then you’re in the right place.

Let's work together

Introducing My 16 Week Gut Restore Program

A fully customized and supportive gut health program to help you finally overcome your chronic digestive issues and feel better...for good!

Here’s How It Works

When working together, we’ll go through my proven 5-step protocol to make sure we’re identifying the true root of your health issues and creating easy-to-implement solutions that fit with your life and lifestyle to reach your goals.

▸ My 5R protocol walks you through how to REMOVE anything that can be causing inflammation. We have to remove what’s causing the problem before we can fix it.
▸ Next, we RESTORE your gut with nutrient-dense foods to calm and heal.
▸ Most clients I work with have a bacterial imbalance where there are not enough “good” guys and too many “bad.” RESEED-ing your gut with beneficial bacteria and using herbs to clear out the overgrown “bad” guys is essential to re-establishing balance.
▸ I’ve never met someone that had chronic digestive issues that didn’t also have mental health symptoms and vice versa. There’s a reason for that and that’s the gut-brain connection. RELEASE-ing and managing emotional and psychological stress is crucial for long-term gut and mental health.
▸ Finally, we RESEAL your lining if leaky gut is an issue using targeted supplements and herbs.

  • Get to the root cause of the problem instead of treating symptoms
  • Take the guesswork out of “what’s wrong?” through a stool test
  • Create a completely individualized protocol that targets your unique challenges and goals
  • Learn what foods are best to restore gut health
  • Receive targeted supplement recommendations to restore gut health
  • Practice new lifestyle habits that support gut health and improve overall wellness
  • Understand how to eat healthy meals that support your health history and goals
  • Learn how to not just manage symptoms, but get rid of them at the source

My Approach


pathogens and food triggers


and nourish with nutrient-dense foods


and reinoculate with good bacteria


and manage stress


the gut with healing herbs


16-Week Gut Restore Program

When you have a plan with actionable items that you are in control of, there’s no stopping you on your way to looking and feeling incredible! Take the guesswork and wasteful spending of supplements and diets that don’t work for you with my 12 Week Gut Restore Program

▶ Step One | GI Testing

Starting off with a stool test ($400 value) to find out what you may be lacking in your gut or who is lurking around your digestive system that shouldn’t be there. Our GI test gives us the information we use to guide you on your individual health journey.

During your first consultation, we will conduct a 45-minute review of your client intake forms and answer any questions about the stool test.

▶ Step Two | Personalized Analysis & Set Up

Once your results are in, we meet for 60-minutes to review the report and discuss your personalized treatment plan. I analyze the report and combine the information I gathered from our first session to create a plan that works for you and your lifestyle. Your roadmap to success includes an outline of the “what” and “why,” food recommendations, lifestyle considerations, and a three-phased supplement protocol targeted to your specific digestive needs to see the most benefits in the shortest amount of time. Access my online dispensary to ship supplements directly to your home with an additional discount.

▶ Step Three | Guided Follow-ups & Support

Throughout the 16-weeks, we’ll meet for four 30-minute sessions to clarify and gauge progress, check-in, maintain accountability, and make adjustments to your treatment plan as necessary.

You’ll receive a personalized meal plan with recipes, a shopping list, and foods to focus on meant to accelerate healing and fuel your new gut makeover! You’ll also receive education along the way about nourishing foods, how to reseed “good” bacteria and make these changes stick.

You’ll have access to me in your client portal for questions in between sessions. I’m with you every step of the way through your wellness journey!


16-Week Gut Restore Program Includes:

▹  45-minute initial intake consultation

▹  60-minute treatment plan review

▹  Four 30-minute follow-up consultations

▹  Eight 15-minute virtual check-ins for accountability and support between sessions

▹  Two individualized 7-day weekly meal plans

▹  Comprehensive stool test included ($400 value)

▹  Personalized feedback and assessment of stool test and any health records/labs

▹  A personalized treatment plan that includes a customized food list, lifestyle and supplement recommendations, and support with personalized health goals

▹  Gut health education handouts

▹  Messaging access between sessions to ask your questions and get support

Investment: 4 installments of $548 OR one payment of $2195

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This gut health program is for you if you:

  • Have struggled with chronic conditions and aren’t getting better
  • Want to address the root cause of your chronic conditions
  • Are looking for long-term, sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Want 1:1 personalized support
  • Value data-driven testing and recommendations
  • Understand the impact food has on your health
  • Want to address your health naturally and prevent further disease
  • Need help knowing what and how to eat that’s right for you

Interested in learning more about the programs or seeing if it’s a fit for us to work together to finally kick your chronic health issues to the curb, for good?

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