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Gut Restore Group Program

Individualized Care with Group Support

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Chronic Symptoms

Dealing with daily digestive discomfort such as bloating, gas, acid reflux, constipation, and diarrhea is no walk in the park! You’ve been to more than one doctor or health care provider and scoured the internet looking for help. Sometimes those small choices we make day-to-day, putting in the time, is what is needed.

Your limited diet has you frustrated and confused, wondering what to eat. You want to change your diet, but you’re fearful because you don’t know what foods are the right foods for you.

When you deal with daily digestive issues and chronic illness, you could be dealing with food sensitivities, intolerances, or another health issue affecting your daily digestion. So how do you find out which foods are causing low energy, exhaustion, and brain fog?

Confidence and Control

If “I don’t think about my digestion” is a phrase you’d like to hear yourself say, then you’re looking for a long-term, sustainable approach that addresses the root cause. Find relief from your symptoms without using a drug as a band-aid to your digestive issues.

Feel confident stepping out into social situations and making choices at restaurants, knowing what to choose and what to stay away from to keep you on track AND live life! It’s not about restriction, it’s about knowledge. Learn about the relationship between the foods you choose and how they affect your health.

If you want to put yourself in control of your food for the first time, stop craving sugar, and have a better working relationship and knowledge of nutrition, then you’re in the right place. The Gut Restore Group program will teach you diet and lifestyle tips that will put you back in control!To learn more, schedule a FREE 15-minute phone call today.

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Let's work together

Knowledge Not Restriction

Stop thinking about your digestion and start living without gas, bloating, and other digestive issues. Start living symptom-free by choosing to put yourself first and investing in yourself with a coaching program by an accredited health and wellness coach with the experience and know-how to create the healthy life you want to live!

Know what to eat and why you’re eating certain foods, learn how to understand the impact gut health has on your overall well-being, and enjoy a manageable, sustainable, and enjoyable lifestyle plan that fits your schedule. Let me customize a plan to fit your specific needs and goals with recipes that make healthy eating taste fabulous.

When we work together, I’ll be your guide along the way to support you and work together to achieve your health goals. Working with a health coach is easier and shortcuts you to looking and feeling your best faster than if you were to take the time to research a healthy lifestyle on your own.

Start today to fast-track your health to get to your goals safely and with confidence! Use real-world techniques that I provide for you along the way to achieve long-term, sustainable and continuous change that you can see and feel daily!

Gut Restore Group Program

In the Gut Restore Group Program I’ll be your guide along the way to support you and work together to achieve your health goals. Working with a health coach is easier and shortcuts you to looking and feeling better faster than if you were to take the time to research a healthy lifestyle on your own.

  • 12 x LIVE weekly sessions to support you in your journey.
  • Gut Healing Workbook including gut health tips, symptom tracker, and a journal to set and track goals.
  • 2 x Meal Plans to help you implement the recommmendations.
  • Group support through a private chat.
  • VIP option to add a stool test for even greater individualized support

The Whole Essentials Nutritional Coaching Program serves up gut health education and tips moving you toward your goals faster than you can achieve on your own! When you have targeted supplement recommendations, meal plans, group support and access to my personal coaching sessions, you’ll have all the tools in place you need to become successful in your healthy lifestyle!

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Program Highlights

LIVE Weekly Sessions


Meal Plans

Group Support

VIP Option


Let's work together

Program Details

Join the Gut Restore Group Program at the introductory price with all the services listed above for just $1249.

Level up to my VIP program, where you receive a targeted, personalized digestive GI Map test ($400.00 value), plus a 1:1 60-min session to review your results with my special offer of $1597.00.

Attendance is critical for learning what you need to know to be successful! As a courtesy to the group, no refunds are offered after your first group session.

Use my payment plan of two monthly payments or one payment to start on your road to recovery today!

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Gut Health Impacts Overall Health

Overwhelmingly, research indicates that gut health impacts overall health. The gut microbiome does more than digest our food. It plays a critical role in immune, metabolic, and neuroendocrine functions.

Assessing GI health can help get to the root cause of chronic disease. It’s also helpful for people looking to achieve optimal health as well as people with autoimmune disease, IBS/IBD, digestive complaints, brain fog, skin problems like acne and psoriasis, mood disorders like depression and anxiety, diabetes, and weight loss issues.

Let's work together

Don’t Make This Mistake

Yo-yo dieting is a fad of the past. However, there is so much information about which food is healthy and which foods to avoid. How do you know which foods to eat that are right for you?

With so much conflicting health information, not only can you find information about food, allergies, and auto-immune conditions that aren’t true, the information you see online can actually hurt your health.

Seeking professional help sooner rather than later is the best avenue for living your best life. Unfortunately, trying to learn all the correct health information in the sea of internet information on your own is time-consuming and frustrating.

Take the guesswork out of which foods are right for me and get to the root cause of your symptoms by addressing your gut health today! Get individualized care with the support of a group by joining the Gut Restore Group Program

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Working with a nutritionist that’s also trained in lifestyle coaching will give you the tools to make gradual, sustainable, long-term change. That kind of change takes time and commitment from both of us and it’s time your doctor doesn’t have. We can work with whatever recommendations you’ve been given from a physician or health care provider that you’d like to incorporate into your life

The group program is designed to give the same information to everyone. We’re all learning together! How you implement the information is where the personalization comes in. You can choose my VIP option and get a stool test add-on and 1:1 60-minute coaching session to review the results for a truly individualized program.

We’re both making a commitment when you register for the program. As such, it’s important to be ready to make a commitment. If after attending the first group session, you decide the program is not for you, the cost of the program will be refunded minus the cost of the first session if notification is given before the second group session. After the second group session. the program is non-refundable.