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You will receive a link to complete a health questionnaire and diet diary before your visit. Make sure to complete these two forms before our visit so I can better prepare for our meeting. The information on your forms also gives me more time to find out about you, using your time more efficiently and effectively. I will set up a profile for you in Practice Better, where all communication and documents will be shared and housed

Insurance companies in Utah do not currently reimburse for or cover the cost to see a nutritionist. Some insurance companies cover the cost to see a Registered Dietician, so that might be an option for you. Contact your health insurance company to ask what expenses they cover. I'd be happy to fill out a form for you if your health insurance reimburses you for your cost. Please contact me with your questions on my contact page here.

We accept HSA and Flex-spending accounts to help cover out-of-pocket health costs. Think of the time and costs associated with seeing a nutritionist as an investment in your health. Committing to diet and lifestyle changes now will save you thousands of dollars and health issues in the future.

In short, a holistic nutritionist is someone trained in either a bachelor or master program to look at everybody's system to identify the root cause of symptoms and then treat using food and supplements. Using a holistic nutritionist is a healthy and natural approach to treat, heal, and prevent disease. You can find a more detailed explanation and comparison between a Registered Dietician, holistic nutritionist, and health coach in my blog, "What Is A Holistic Nutritionist." Read My Blog Here

I create meal plans that are nutritionally balanced for you based on your intake form, preferences, and lifestyle. When considering your meal plan, I combine your biological information + health goals + dietary restrictions = individualized plan. Personalized meal plans are customized especially for you. Personal trainer meal plans are usually created from cookie-cutter healthy meals to improve your diet but don't include a weekly plan, shopping list, or recipes.

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Whether you are celiac, have food allergies or food intolerances, I can assist you in meal planning for daily living. I enjoy educating clients on the many healthy and delicious food choices they may not be aware of when shopping in their local supermarket. I offer meal planning in all three of my holistic coaching packages, which you can view here I offer meal planning in all three of my holistic coaching packages. Learn More About My Health and Wellness Consultation Packages

I work with all skill levels and preferences for cooking with my clientele. If you are not a fan of cooking, my plan will include simple recipes that require effortless cooking methods like one-pan, slow cooker, or Instant Pot recipes. Additionally, there are also prep short-cuts, such as buying pre-cut vegetables, which will make meal prep more comfortable and healthier! You will find meal prep a much easier process when you have smooth, simple, and healthy recipes when cooking. With practice and the right tools, meal prep can be a breeze. You'll be proud to show off your new skill of creating incredible, healthy meals with ease

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