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Your chronic health problems shouldn’t stand in the way of a healthy, vibrant life.

As a gut health nutritionist, my goal is to help you find and treat the root cause of your chronic health problems and heal you from the inside out.

Finally — the relief you’ve been looking for!

There’s a solution to your chronic health condition — and it starts in the gut. My specialty is healing chronic conditions by restoring your gut health, with practical advice that easily fits into your day-to-day life — so you can return to the vibrant, energetic person you remember being.

Making Your Gut Healthy


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I want to heal my chronic health condition for good!

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I want a gut health program with the support of a group.

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Your Health Pantry
I want an individualized nutrition program to help me reach my health goals.

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Meet Emilie

I believe food has the power to improve our health and heal our bodies. Designing a healthy lifestyle and approach to eating and nutrition doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. My consults are entrenched in the knowledge of how to eat and create simple, healthy meals with healthy living advice that is practical and worthwhile. I love showing my clients how to eat real, nutritious, and healthy food again.

My practice offers comprehensive gut testing, real food recommendations, targeted supplements, and lifestyle changes as an alternative to medications and treatments that only treat your symptoms not the root cause.

My goal is to find and treat the root cause and heal you from the inside out.

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Did you know that your digestive health directly impacts the health of your entire body?

Our gut is the stepping stone of health for the rest of our body. When your digestion is off, it can make everything else in your body feel “off” too — from bloating and gas to low energy, bad skin, and headaches. If you’ve ever been thrown off by a sudden food intolerance or sensitivity, a leaky gut could be the reason!

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6 Simple Diet & Lifestyle Tips for Better Digestion

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