7 Grocery Shopping Tips for Digestive Health

Oct 12, 2022

If you’re new to shopping healthy, it can be challenging, and, quite frankly, a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips on how to shop healthy without going overboard or becoming overwhelmed at the supermarket.

Tip #1: Shop the Perimeter of the Store First

One of the marketing aspects of food stores is to put all the healthy foods, the foods that are unprocessed, around the perimeter of the store. Now while this doesn’t apply to quickie marts, most grocery stores use this layout. 

You’ll notice that the produce and baked goods are usually on the perimeter of the store, along with the natural foods aisle. Where you find unprocessed foods is where you’ll also find the healthiest food so make sure to check out many of the healthy options in the produce, dairy, and organic food aisles.

Tip #2: Stick to Your Shopping List

If you’re not used to shopping healthy, you may find that healthier alternatives such as organics, are a bit pricier. However, you can keep your food bill within budget by not purchasing foods that aren’t on your list. Unless you’ve forgotten an important food item you need, stick to your list. It will keep your budget in line and make less waste in your refrigerator, saving you money!

Tip #3 Buy Foods in Bulk

When you want to save money on food, buy in bulk. Bulk food reduces packaging, which is why it’s cheaper to purchase. While you don’t have to buy mass quantities, you can save even more money by purchasing only what you need. Without the name brand and packaging, bulk foods can save you up to one-third off your grocery bill.

Tip #4: Buy Fruits and Vegetables in Season at Farmers Markets

Purchasing your produce at farmers markets not only saves you money, but supports local farmers! In addition, you get produce that is much fresher and tastier than the produce that’s been sitting on supermarket shelves for weeks.

Tip #5 Purchase Frozen Fruits and Veggies

If your family isn’t used to eating lots of produce, buying frozen is a great way to keep your stock good for a longer period of time. In addition, buying frozen is a good way to keep veggies around when you need a quick, healthy side dish.

Tip #6 Buy Store Brands

Store brands are less expensive than major brands because they buy their products from the major brands but don’t have all the overhead expenses, so they pass the savings onto the customer! This is a great way to get organic and other specialty foods at a lower price. 

Tip #7: Utilize Pantry Basics for Meals

Pantry basics such as beans, rice, cabbage, sweet potatoes, canned tomatoes, and other basic foods are good to keep around as they keep for longer periods of time and are easy to make in a snap. You can find canned organic goods which are easy to prepare if you’re not sure how to make a certain type of food.

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