The Best Tests for Gut Health

Sep 02, 2022
GI Map Test

The Importance of Testing for Gut Health

When I start working with a client, I always take a health history and find out what health goals my client is looking to achieve. While that is a standard process of intake among health professionals, many health coaches do not go through the process of testing - they only suggest health recommendations based on symptoms and health goals.

And while making fundamental healthy lifestyle changes is good for everyone, there are specific changes that you'll want to make to create a more healthy you based on your particular health condition. The surefire way to know what's wrong or where your health imbalance lies in your body is to test. Not only should you test, but you should also take the test that is going to give you the most comprehensive picture of your digestive tract.

Your Gut Microbiome and Testing for Gut Health

Since the human gut microbiome is essential for life and overall health and wellness, it's one of the most critical systems to keep in balance for optimal health. The billions of different microorganisms in your gut are responsible for many vital functions such as vitamin synthesis, hormone production, immune system regulation, and communication with your body's neurological (brain and nervous) systems. These gut-brain connections are not only essential for physical health but also mental health and wellness. Therefore, if there are problems with your gut, these processes and organ systems can be negatively affected and impair your energy level and mental wellbeing. In addition, they can negatively impact many other organ systems in your body.

Testing Takes the Guesswork Out of Supplementation

I've seen clients that have come to me from other coaches with over 20 bottles of supplements they are taking; however, they haven't achieved any of their health goals. They often don't even feel better than when they started with their previous health coach. Taking supplements based on symptoms is OK, but when it comes down to making the most progress possible with your health, you need to know the specifics of what's wrong and what components of your health are on the right track. This data is your starting point to being on a path to better health for your specific gut health needs. It removes putting my clients in a blanket program that gives everyone the same supplementation with little or no results.

The Best GI Health Gut Testing

There are different types of tests for gut health: scopes (GI) and stool. Scopes are the best gut health test for ruling out specific health issues but often come back "clean" or "negative." A GI doctor might also do a stool test. Still, they usually are testing for one specific issue or health problem, not a comprehensive panel.

A comprehensive stool test is the most efficient and effective test for those dealing with gut health issues. I use this type of test, called a GI Map, to give us the answers you need to make significant progress into a healthier you! A GI Map will tell us if there are any underlying infections or overgrowth in your gut or digestive systems, such as pathogenic bacteria, viruses, yeast, and parasites.

Secondly, a GI Map gives you extensive information about the make-up of your "good" and "bad" bacteria. In addition, this gut health test also indicates any dysbiosis or imbalance in your digestive system. Lastly, your GI Map test shows a variety of intestinal markers like enzymatic production, immune health, inflammation, and leaky gut - all of which play into which supplements are the best solution for your gut health issues.

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