What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

gut health holistic nutrition Jun 27, 2022
what is a holistic nutritionist

This is a question that my clients typically ask me, because there is so much information out there on the internet, that understanding the difference between a holistic nutritionist, a health coach and dietician can be confusing.

While there are many different types of health practitioners, choosing the right one for you is essential to receive the care you need to resolve your health issues.

You, the patient and consumer, have many choices when it comes to your health care. First, there is the choice between Western and alternative medicine. While you don’t have to pick only one or the other (you can choose a combination of both), you want to start out with your end goal in mind. It’s important that you know what kind of outcome or experience you want for your overall health because your health goal will guide your search for a practitioner. 

For example, when it comes to diet and nutrition you could seek a health coach, nutritionist, holistic nutritionist, Registered Dietician. In addition,  people also look for and get health information, meal plans, and nutrition advice from their personal trainer at their local gym. 

Advice on How to Choose Your Health Coach or Medical Practitioner

First, choose your health goal. Then, think of the modality that you would like to use - would you prefer a more western healthcare approach, an alternative approach or a combination of the two? Studies have shown that using a combination of western and alternative medicines usually work well for many patients.

Next, research the types of specialists in the medical field or category that you need a healthcare specialist. Find out what types of specialists are available to you in your area. Do you need to drive outside of yoru city to find someone that fits your needs? Or does the physician you want to see offer tele-health, where you can video conference over the computer?

While there are many details to consider when choosing a healthcare practitioner, especially in the field of alternative medicine, here is a graphic representation of the differences in study and practice between the most common practitioners that give nutritional advice.

Choosing Alternative Medical Care

If you’re interested in taking a more natural and preventative approach to your health by making changes to your diet, a holistic nutritionist, can recommend testing, review your health history, and analyze your diet to get at the root cause of your health concerns. Book an appointment to get started on a healthier and more energetic you today!

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